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TOURISM - the wonderful triangle

An exceptional tourist location
                                           10 to 55 km from Roquemaure
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Orange 10 km

The Roman Orange theatre, built at the beginning of the Christian era owes its world notoriety with the remarkable conservation of its wall of scene which made say to Louis XIV “It is the most beautiful wall of my kingdom”. With the other end of the centre town, faces him, another prestigious Roman construction remarkably preserved also: The Triumphal arch dedicated to the glory of the veterans of gallic IIème legion, founders of the Orange colony

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Avignon 15 km

Main courtyard of the Palate of the Popes 10:pm
A summer warm night falls. The room is getting dark, the light invades the scene gradually, silence is done slowly… the space of a few seconds the spectator is in weightlessness between dream and reality.

But Avignon it is also a city. Not a simple city, a work, a permanent pectacle which is offered to the passers

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Le Pont du Gard 25 km

Registered with the world heritage of UNESCO, the bridge of Gard is one of the most visited monuments in France. Built under the Claude emperor period, about 50 years  after JC It was the most important link of the aqueduct which went from the Eure source, close to Uzès, to Nimes.

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St Rémy de Provence 35 km

You are in the heart of Provence of Roumanille, Frederic Mistral, Aubanel…
Saint Rémy city of the artists, in the middle of Alpilles where van Gogh put its easel, Saint Rémy where Gounod met Mistral, abounds today in art galleries along these charming places and lanes.
Here also the Romans left their trace and the site of Glanum close to the town is remarkable of beauty.

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UZES 40 km
Premier Duché-Prairie de France
( First Duchy-Meadow of France ).

The dukes of Uzès occupied by this title the first rank after the princes of blood. It is their fidelity with the crown which was worth to them to become Viscounts, Counts then Dukes and finally first Dukes of France in 1632 when the first Duke of France, Montmorency rebels .

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Fontaine de Vaucluse 43km

The poëte François Petrarque (in medallion) was in love with the place and lengthily meditated there. The place is here enchanter and the water of the sorgue that you can see from the accesses of the village, of an incredible limpidity. The rise to the source is very pleasant but very known. Choose a day of week rather than week-end , preferably in spring or the autumn, and especially  get information before the departure about the state of flow of this very capricious resurgence

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Baux de Provence 45 km

Perched on its rock the castle is proud and offers a splendid sight to the sea . It was the stronghold of the Princes of the Baux which controlled Provence  many years. At the bottom, the village of Les Baux and a small road which furrows between the rocks with fantastic forms.
Faraway in the plain, in the middle of the olive-trees, the red ground  tasks of the old bauxite careers.

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NÎMES 44 km

Nimes, universally known for these Roman monuments ( squadred house, arenas, Magne tower…) also had a luky period at the XVIIème century, and the gardens of the fountain are a great  example of that .
In Nimes, as in any city, you should not be confined with the known places, even if here they are omnipresent and impossible to avoid

Why not attend  a bullfight at 17:pm into the arenas, or an "abrivado" on the boulevards close them arenas… or the feria atmosphere in the streets ( for most courageous ) ?

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Gorges de l'Ardèche 45 km

The gorges bring together 2 aspects interesting for tourism:
1 the beauty of the site.
2 and easy accessibility to visit.
Ardeche being indeed in summer an easy river. The best the way and more impressionnate to visit the gorges remains the descent in canoê ( to be rented in Vallon Pont d' Arc )

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ARLES 50 km

Door open to the Camargue, Arles was already a place of Celte habitat, then Greek, and became Roman by the grace of César in 45 av.JC
Like  for Nimes is not necessary to present  his monuments (arenas, old roman theatre, Sainte Trophine parvis, catacombs…)
Arles knew, after the Roman period a second golden age in XIIème century, the splendour of the medieval buildings attests that.
Today Arles became a high international place of the photography, but also for dance.

(The "arlesienne" of back is a work of the painter Danielle Raspini from Arles )
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 Mont Ventoux 55 km*

This top became mythical thanks to the "Tour de France" cyclist, and some courageous amateurs attack still today the giant of Provence. You will double them or will cross them.
If the top seems " stone heap " (which makes believe since Roquemaure which it is always snow-covered even in August), the mountain range, just in lower part, shelters a very rich flora and abounds in hiking trails of excellent quality

(* at Bedoin, before the last windings )

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