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Anywhere you are coming from, you'll arrive to Roquemaure by one of the 3 roundabouts hereunder...coming from...
Avignon via Villeneuve-ls-Avignon ( by  D 980 ) :
Roundabout South  ( red ring  Sud on the mape )
Avignon or Bagnols (by N 580 ) or Nmes ( by D 976 ) :
Roundabout West  ( red ring Ouest on the mape )
Orange ( by D 976 ) or Bagnols/Cze ( by D 980 ) : Roundabout  North  ( red ring Nord on the mape )

If you are coming from...
The motorways

A7 coming from the North ( Lyon-Orange ): Leave the motorway at Orange ( A7 exit 21). Go to Orange center, then follow  Roquemaure-Nmes on the right. 10km You are at the Roundabout North.
A7 coming from the South-East ( Marseille-Avignon ): Leave the motorway at Avignon Nord ( A7 exit 23 ) . Follow center Avignon along the river ( Rhne) .After crossing under the saint benezeth  bridge ( "le pont d'Avignon" ) left lane and cut immediatly at the right to take the bridge toward Villeuve-Nmes leaving the wall behind . At the end of the bridge, take right direction  Villeneuve. Follow signes Bagnols sur cze. Roquemaure is  4 km after the village of  Sauveterre. You are at the Roundabout South .
A9 coming from the South-West
( Montpellier-Nmes ) Leave the motorway at  Roquemaure ( A9 exit 22 ). Take direction  Avignon to the next roundabout . You are at the Roundabout West

The RN ( Route nationales), main roads 
Nationale 580 ( Avignon-Bagnols/Cze-Pont Saint esprit ). Leave the RN at the Roundabout West called " des Carabiniers" ( le first one after the motorway entrance coming from  Bagnols, le first one after the TGV bridge, coming from Avignon )
Nationale 7 ( Lyon-Orange ) In  Orange follow Nimes-Roquemaure. After cross the river ( Rhne) second roundabout you are at  Roundabout North 

Nationale 7 ( Avignon - Aix en Provence ) In Avignon follow directions  Nmes . Immediately after crossing the  Rhne take on your rignt to Villeneuve-ls-Avignon Follow signes Bagnols sur cze.  Roquemaure is  4 km after the village of  Sauveterre. You are at the Roundabout South

By the small roads Mape Michelin N245 Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur

...The last Kilometers :

From  Avignon, Bagnols, Nmes, autoroute... By  Roundabout West ( N 580 or D 976 ) : Into Roquemaure follow directions Avignon-Orange. Drop Avignon direction at the end of the village and follow Orange at the left.
Lou Magnan is on the first bend to the right (wall with gird , big house 1930 with frieze )

From Avignon by  Villeneuve-ls-Avignon to Roundabout South ( D 980 ): Arrival into Roquemaure, Gendarmerie ( state police force ) on your left, Lou magnan is in the nesx turn at the right(wall with gird , big house 1930 with frieze ) 

From Orange or Bagnols/Cze by Rundabout North ( D 980 ou D 976 ) : cross through Roquemaure to Avignon. Lou magnan is in the first bend after the big place and the baker ( big door in front of you ).

The nearest train stations 
Avignon TGV Courtine Commercial Area 20 km
Shuttles  center city . Rent car.
Connection to the roads nework by the directions of Nmes-Villeneuve-Bagnols/Cze
Avignon Centre 15 km
All services  SNCF ( train-auto, rent car...)
Bus station close to.
Connection to the roads nework by the directions of Nmes-Villeneuve-Bagnols/Cze
Orange 10 km
All services SNCF ( train-auto,rent car...)
TGV & normal trains 
Connection to the roads network by the directions Nmes-Roquemaure 
The airports
Avignon Caumont 30 km
Nmes-Arles Garons 60 km
Montpellier Frjorques
95 km
Marseille Marignane 98 km
Lyon Satolas 223 km
Les Bus
No East-West connections ( Nmes - Orange ). All traffic  via Avignon : Avignon-Pont St Esprit ( frquency 9 GR/day )
Taxi in the village
Taxis TILLIER - 04 66 82 82 48



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